Skinks for Rump

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Milo Yiannopoulos, the sort of post-Warholian Z-list celebrity aspirant that the anti-social era of social media hocks up with silly frequency, is a public face—a mascot is maybe the better word—of an equally irrelevant but sociologically and aesthetically interesting not-quite-a-movement called Twinks for Trump.

Twinks—some of you already know this, so bear with me—are a gay sub-genre characterized by being young, thin, mostly hairless: the acceptable contemporary for the classically desired pubescent or pre-pubescent boy. The enduring beauty and sexual attractiveness of the adolescent male is one of those things that we’re very careful not to talk about too plainly in the age of gay respectability and marriage and the HRC (that’s the Human Rights Campaign, not Hillary Rodham Clinton, though if you squint, there’s not much difference). The preferred image of gay men specifically and queer people generally is of two fit, mid-thirties, slightly be-stubbled white professional studs who look disturbingly fraternal being married by Joe Biden. But the fact that there is a large gay sub-culture and a mountain of pornography that sexually fetishizes 19-year-olds who look like 15-year-olds is unavoidable, and the defense mechanism is to wink at it as a kind of joke. All those barely legal boys may be barely legal, but they are legal nonetheless.

Also note that twinks, by and large, are white. There are black twinks and Asian twinks and latino twinks, etc., but the group is definitely racially coded as Caucasian: its default setting so to speak.

The twink is a ubiquitous figure within the complex erotic taxonomy of gay male pornographic desire, but unless he is paired with another twink, his function is almost always the same: he is the actor whose youthful effeminacy and receptive position (i.e., he’s the bottom) serve as a highlighting counterpart to the masculine virility of his partner(s). So a common scenario would be to pair a twink with a jock: a slightly older, more muscular, more traditionally and recognizably masculine character. You can imagine the setup. The video is called “My Older Sister’s Boyfriend” or some such.

But equally common and more germane to the erotics of Twinks for Trump is the twink—the boi—and the daddy. The jock will be 29 or 30; the daddy will be 40 and up. In professional porn, the daddy will be somewhere between beefily athletic and totally ripped, a figure of obvious domination; in amateur porn, he’s probably got a gut and some unsightly hair in the small of his back. Either way, this is a sort of recapitulation of the same classical arrangement I mentioned above, where a grown and probably ostensibly heterosexual man gets to take care of his non-procreative sexual energy while the youth gets a figure of, if not wisdom, then at least strength and authority. Obviously this is all overlaid with the titillation of an aestheticized violation of the incest taboo. The video is called “My Mom’s New Boyfriend” or some such.

Unlike straight porn, with its inevitable ugliness and recapitulation of all the weird power pathologies of that strangest of afflictions, heterosexuality, gay porn, though it certainly can be ugly and exploitative, tends to read as good-natured and consensual, and most of these daddy-son scenarios are harmless fun. That said, there is something slightly depressing about the attempted sexual valorization of the daddy figure as an avatar of sexual potency and an object of youthful desire; it can’t avoid a tinge of self-parody, like an ex-NFL coach tossing a football through a tire swing as a euphemism for his pharmaceutical erection, and you can’t help but remember the other part of the exchange: that this older guy who probably can’t get it up without some pretty serious chemical assistance is also the guy with the money and the house and the reservations at the fancy restaurant.

So what you actually end up with is a superficially transgressive erotic exchange as a veneer for the most boring straight cliché: the hot young woman who dates the older guy for his money. And what’s sad about it is exactly what’s sad about Mike Ditka and that fucking tire swing: the exaggerated enacting of male virility only serves to show all the rest of the giggling world just how limp and pathetic daddy really is. No one other than another limply desirous daddy looks at this scenario from the outside and concludes that daddy is a hard, throbbing man’s man; quite the opposite. And the younger and more beautiful daddy’s boi, the less potent he appears, and the more we all titter when he excuses himself from the dinner party to re-up his Cialis in the restroom.

This is the excellent irony of Milo and the twinks for Daddy Trump. These little blond racist shitbirds have got it in their heads that they can help present him as a figure of phallic power, when in reality he—and they—become even more figures of fun. (Interestingly, by the way, the Classical world considered both impotence and well-endowed-ness to be pretty much equally hilarious and unmanly.) They are a punchline that comes to life and imagines itself as the comedian.

4 thoughts on “Skinks for Rump

  1. I got to the part where you – a Jew – wrote of unsightly body hair in inopportune places and I giggled (inappropriately?) because projection makes me laugh. Was that the intended effect, IOZ?

  2. Apropos the putatively hot young woman and allegedly older guy with money: The Don hopes that someday Melania will learn to live on her allowance, which is ample. But if she does not, that is her problem, not his. #RIPbigLebowski

  3. Trump has small hands so you know he’s not endowed like a satyr.
    & real men ignore the warning on their pills about Priapism.

  4. As Chandler said: “Every man wants to be James Bond and every woman wants to be with him.” Now, I doubt most men would trade places with Trump if that was on offer. But that’s because he’s 70 years old and there’s only so much fun left for anyone at that age. Most men would love to be as vital, rich, and desired as him at that age. Mike Ditka? Er… not as much.

    The fact that a man has beautiful youth lusting for him does not, in my experience, have any imputation of lameness. Age is indeed lame, but that’s the general belief of our society. Normal men look at Melania Trump and think: damn, Trump must have it going on to score her. Sure, impotence is pathetic. But Melania is not a boner pill except figuratively. She’s a real live woman ex-model.

    Seems to me that works about the same for extramarital lusting, as when Bill got his dick sucked by that intern. Did anyone seriously code that as “Bill is pathetic”? I don’t recall that. I do recall people coding that as “chuckle, you gotta love that old horndog”. In fact that’s how I felt.

    And this brings us to modern times. I recall the declaration eight years ago that “Hillary is first candidate I want to fuck!” IIRC by a lesbian. And this was a supporter; it was supposed to enhance her sexual desirability (be that as it may), not make her a figure of fun. (Of course, that itself was a response to the obvious hetero desirability of Sarah Palin. Again, the people declaring her the first “VPILF” were not attacking her.)

    Come 2016, gays are now fully endorsed by USG and as fashionable as can be among the smart set. And sure enough, we have gays for Trump. Some of whom find him sexually desirable, or at least try to project that image. This is not a negative. To the extent that hetero men know about it at all (minimal I’d guess), they just recode “twinks for Trump” into normal hetero terms as young girls lusting Trump. It helps him.

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