Articles and Essays

The True Mystery in James Comey’s Crime Novel,” for the New Republic, 06.01.2023

The Futility of a Tell-All About Anthony Bourdain,” for the New Republic, 11.03.2022

Should Margaret Sullivan Have Been Tougher on the Media?” for the New Republic, 10.12.2022

The Anticlimax of the Jan. 6 Hearings,” for the New York Times, 06.08.2022

Why Is David Leonhardt So Happy?” for the New Republic, 03.15.2022

How the State of the Union Became One of the Weirdest Nights in American Politics,” for the New York Times, 03.01.2022

America Runs on a Sick Workforce,” for Gawker, 02.07.2022

The Next Coup Attempt Will Be More Dangerous,” for the New Republic, 01.04.2022

Joan Didion Cast of the Fictions of American Politics,” for the New Republic, 12.27.2021

Speaking Freely Has Never Been Easier,” for Gawker, 09.08.2021

What Happens Next?” a review of Lauren Oyler’s Fake Accounts, for Commonweal, 04.15.2021

The Gen X Culture Warriors Who Never Grew Up,” for the New Republic, 03.08.2021

The Unholy Alliance That Fuels American Nativism,” for the New Republic, 02.24.2021

The Emptiness of Matthew Yglesias’ Big Idea,” for the New Republic, 09.10.2020

Watching South Park at the End of the World,” for the New Republic, 04.03.2020

Trump’s Loyal Apprentice in Congress,” for the New Republic, 12.13.2019

Nate Silver Is Making This Up as He Goes,” for Truthdig, 10.30.2019

A Jew in America a Year after Pittsburgh,” for Haaretz, 10.28.2019

Hillary Clinton Spoils the Party,” for Truthdig, 10.25.2019

Trump’s G7 scandal points to a better path for impeachment,” for The Outline, 10.21.2019

Ellen DeGeneres and the American Psychopath,” for Truthdig, 10.09.2019

The horny obsessions of the right,” for The Outline, 10.07.2019

Next year in the diaspora,” for The Outline, 9.23.2019

The future is four wheels, cyclists be damned,” for The Outline, 9.09.2019

Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitism and the Media’s Own,” for Truthdig, 8.27.2019

We work to maintain the fiction of venture capital,” for The Outline, 8.26.2019

Who Gets to Speak Freely?” for the New Republic, 8.21.2019

Sometimes inclusion is going to be a bit embarrassing,” for The Outline, 8.12.2019

Racism Is Part of the New York Times’ Brand,” for Truthdig, 8.12.2019

It was never ‘Mueller Time’,” for The Outline, 7.29.2019

We tell ourselves conspiracy theories in order to live,” for The Outline, 7.15.2019

There are concentration camps in America,” for The Outline, 7.01.2019

Facebook’s Authoritarian Money Grab,” for Truthdig, 6.21.2019

The debate over free speech deserves a better subject than Steven Crowder,” for The Outline, 6.17.2019

Mauled by American Meritocracy,” for Truthdig, 6.12.2019

David Brooks’s Moral Journey,” for the New Republic, 6.05.2019

The Real Russian Menace Is Just Hypercapitalism,” for Truthdig, 6.04.2019

The end of the world will be a non-event,” for The Outline, 6.03.2019

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Billionaires,” for The Outline, 5.20.2019

Facts Don’t Care about Ben Shapiro’s Feelings,” for Truthdig, 5.13.2019

Where Is the Left on Gun Control?” for The Outline, 5.06.2019

What Have We Done to Deserve Meghan McCain,” for Truthdig, 4.30.2019

Traveling Is An Elitist Nightmare,” for The Outline, 4.22.2019

Bernie Has to Do Better than This,” for Truthdig, 4.11.2019

MSNBC’s Wild Ride,” for the New Republic, 4.04.2019

Nancy Pelosi Believes in Nothing,” for Truthdig, 4.2.2019

Fascism by Another Name,” for Truthdig, 3.12.2019

Ilhan Omar’s Critics Are Not Your Friends,” for Truthdig, 3.5.2019 (with subsequent interview on WBAI)

Bull Speed Ahead!” for Hmm Daily, 2.27.2019

The End of the American Republic,” for Truthdig, 2.20.2019

America’s Signature Mode of Transportation Is High-Cost Rail,” for Hmm Daily, 2.15.2019

Executives Also Have a Lot of Executive Time,” for Hmm Daily, 2.4.2019

Howard Schultz Is a Presidential Candidate Only Late Capitalism Could Produce,” for Truthdig, 1.30.2019

The Sears Racket,” for Hmm Daily, 12.7.2018

Sheryl Sandberg Needs to Log Off,” for Truthdig, 11.04.2018

The Egregious Lies Americans Tell Themselves,” for Truthdig, 11.15.2018

They Are Coming for the Jews,” for Truthdig, 11.02.2018

We Don’t Have Time for Nihilism,” for Jacobin, 10.30.2018

As Pittsburgh Jews, We Will Mourn Our Dead by Mobilizing for Refugees,” for Haaretz, 10.29.2018

Optimize Your Repression,” for Hmm Daily, 10.25.2018

Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Debacle Bodes Ill for All of Us,” for Truthdig, 10.17.18

The Shameless Opportunism of Nikki Haley,” for Truthdig, 10.10.18

The Liberal Rehabilitation of George W. Bush Is Complete,” for Truthdig, 9.14.18

A Homeland in America,” for The New Republic, 9.6.18

Contemporary Liberalism’s Worst Idea Yet,” for Truthdig, 9.4.18

Capitalism Is Beyond Saving, and America Is Living Proof,” for Truthdig, 8.31.18

Don’t Count on History to Judge Wisely,” for the New Republic, 6.27.18

Like a Dog,” for The New Inquiry, 4.9.18 (and in Portuguese, “Cães são Shakespearianos,” for Epoca, 5.12.18)

Why Are Major Newspapers and Magazines Hiring So Many Right-Wing Cranks?,” for Alternet, 3.30.18

America’s Gun Sickness Goes Way Beyond Guns,” for the New Republic, 2.23.18

Neoconservatives Like Max Boot Are the Last People We Should Listen to About Russia,” for Alternet. 2.21.18

The Right’s Favorite New Intellectual Has Some Truly Pitiable Ideas About Masculinity,” for Alternet, 2.13.18

The Uncomfortable Truth About Whole Foods and Amazon’s Grocery Monopoly,” for Alternet, 1.29.18

America’s Imperial Decline Might Be Our Last, Best Hope to Salvage Our Democracy,” for Alternet, 12.29.17

The Usual Suspects” for The Baffler, 11.7.17

Joan Didion Is the Best Thing About Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold” for the New Republic, 10.27.17

Now It’s a Crisis? Israel Lost This American Jew a Long Time Ago,” for Haaretz, 6.28.17

The Democratic Party Is a Ghost,” for Jacobin. 5.15.17

Why Are Jews Rehabilitating Jew-killing Fascists to Defend Sebastian Gorka?” for Haaretz, 4.27.17

Beyond the Alps,” for The Paris Review, 4.10.17

Trump’s Israel Trip Was One Big Gaslighting Charade” for Haaretz, 3.24.17

An interview with WESA FM on my novel, The Doorposts of Your House and On Your Gates, 3.17.17

The Madness of King Donald” for the New Republic, 2.20.17

Who Lost the White House” for The Concourse, 11.29.16

I Was a Teenage Nazi Wannabe” for the New Republic, 11.23.16

An interview with WNYC’s On the Media about “When Forgetting is the Proper Response to Terror,” 6.17.16

When Forgetting is the Proper Response to Terror” for the New Republic, 6.13.16

Jews for Bernie: Don’t Give In to Fear” for Haaretz, 5.23.16

Bernie Backs Jewish Values Millennials Believe In” for Haaretz, 4.14.16

Ayn Rand Made Me a Communist” for the New Republic, 1.27.16

Stop Immediately Linking Violence to the Perpetrator’s Beliefs” for The Intercept, 12.1.15

Review of Multiply Divide by Wendy Walters for The Rumpus, 10.13.15

Ben Carson is Wrong about the Holocaust” for the New Republic, 10.9.15

Review of The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7.12.15

Review of The Drone Eats with Me by Atu Abu Saif for The Rumpus 6.4.15

Review of The American People by Larry Kramer for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4.12.15

Review of Indigo by Clemens J. Setz for The Rumpus, 1.22.15

Review of Thrown by Kerry Howley for The Rumpus, 11.4.14

Review of Ian McEwan’s The Children Act for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9.28.14

Review of James Ellroy’s Perfidia for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9.7.14

“The Last Book I Loved: Human Wishes/Enemy Combatant at The Rumpus, 7.12.14

Review of Thomas Sweterlitsch’s Tomorrow and Tomorrow for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7.6.14

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