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The children aren’t the future; they are now.
My five-year-old, for instance, is concerned
that five-year-olds in China will have learned
integral calculus while he learns the cow
goes moo. Father, he asked, how can we allow
declines in public spending when it earns
broad wage-multipliers as returns?
Is Xi reformist, or is he a Mao?
And can we win the war on terror with
a formal legal apparatus that
constrains our agencies and binds their hands?
Do coastal elites represent a fifth
column? Is the Bible a samizdat?
Will I have to share the boys room with a trans?

One thought on “Cody

  1. from the nice multicultural reserve bombardier who intro’d general john “jack t. ripper” allen at the DNC thingy. the darling chinaman or whatever was just poured into that uniform when he said things like: “hilary knows that each of us in all our elements of national power make us stronger. smart diplomacy, a powerful economy, educated children, we are stronger together.”

    using corpses as props has gotten the whole donkass party braying on behalf of the iraq war & denouncing comrade trump. has the whole world gone crazy?

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