A Prayer for the Tsar

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“Despite all of this, we will not witness a mass exodus anytime soon.” –Jeffrey Goldberg

The author didn’t find much evidence
with which to support his deeply dire thesis.
Journalism’s artless non-mimesis:
subjunctive mood, and yet the future tense.
It’s not just that the piece is rather dense-
ly peopled with mere anecdote; its weakness
is a sort of fallacy of psychokinesis:
motion as concentration’s consequence.
As Jews, we do ourselves no special favor
by making ourselves the shonda proxies for
the various think-tank nuts and politicians
who, regardless circumstances, labor
to pull, out of a hat, another war:
Jews are just the rabbits. They’re magicians.

4 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Tsar

  1. A rabbit, nose twitching, smells the wind
    in his happen warren, with “good schools”…
    no hint of the wolf.
    Far from the nose
    the world is unknown
    data without scent, just anecdotes.
    A rabbit killed and eaten in France?
    A synagogue smashed in Malmo?
    Concentration’s consequence.
    Stop noticing. Patterns are for men,
    little rabbit. But apes
    refuse to learn
    a truth they abhor
    in democracy
    diversity plus proximity equals war.

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