Euclidean Necrology

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While most of the news media will spend the day vacillating wildly between tumescent raptures that it can once again play at war—every Anderson Cooper is a half-baked Hemingway, crusty on the outside but raw dough within, bleating Hollywood military speak for a few hours on the teevee before wiping off the Situation Room drag and heading for those late reservations at Eleven Madison Park—and bootlessly speculating that this is some kind of semi-fictionalized flag operation designed to inoculate Trump against the various accusations that he is some sort of agent of Vladimir Putin and a Soviet Union that never really died, I suspect that Trump’s motivations are, as they always are, precisely what he claims. Whatever else you can say about the man, he is not complex. He saw the cable news pornographic exhibition of children dying in a foreign war and got mad. My grandma saw the same thing and got mad too. “So terrible,” she said. “Those poor people. Someone should do something.” Unlike her, Trump has a Navy, so the someone was him.

Trump is an evil man, but our culture has trained us to believe evil is necessarily a kind of satanic malevolence: not merely bad, but also clever, secretive, and in its way, genius. If it demonstrates human qualities, these must be the result of some scheme within a scheme—the idea that a Hitler could be kind to his secretaries and love his dog strikes us as wholly implausible. But evil isn’t a supra-human quality, and as we move down the spectrum from the vast terror of the Third Reich to the reality-show scheming of Trump’s bunga-bunga consumer fascism, the recognizably human intrudes ever more often. He is a man of feelings and appetites, which is why he is so easily baited and so often mad. As Robert Lowell said of Mussolini: one of us, only pure prose.

Washington, the marble-white skeletal metonym within the bloated body of America, which ruled so fecklessly and uselessly for so many years that a fat grandpa with a 35 handicap and a habit of yelling at the evening news could slip into the presidency while everyone was expecting an avatar of officialdom to squeeze past on a focus-grouped pitch not to change horses in midstream, is always eager for its dummies to cast off the petty concerns of governance and engage in some great martial hoo-dee-doo, so expect to hear plenty about Trump crowning himself in laurel and heading off to confront the Eastern menace. In the real reality, the insoluble situation in Syria is in large part the making of his predecessors, who were lauded whenever they decided to blow something up and harrumphed when they on very rare occasion demurred. By destroying Syria’s neighbor, they created many of the factions that infiltrated in the earliest days of the civil war, and by now, we’ve fought on every single side in a war whose proliferation of sides would make Euclid weep at the possibilities. We’ll go on doing the same, I predict, as Trump, who’s now smelt the napalm, will be eager to do more dealing of it, with Washington, CNN, and the New York Times riding along and hoping to catch a contact buzz.

We could, of course, withdraw completely and simply accept everyone and anyone fleeing the conflict into the US. But I don’t expect to hear those calls in Congress anytime soon.

6 thoughts on “Euclidean Necrology

  1. i do wonder though what makes this strike more provocative vis-a-vis Russia, as compared to the airstrikes via drone of the previous administration.

  2. We could also withdraw and not accept anyone fleeing the conflict. This gives them the incentive to submit, as opposed to the hope of moving to America and funding a long guerrilla war.

    The fact that a civil war is being fought in a country is pretty good evidence that we don’t want its refugees. Particularly the losers, who, in the long run view, were the dumber of the combatants.

  3. I predict leonard will win the nobel peas prize for his humanitarian sentiment toward those dummy loser children who comprise what? a third of any population?

    I have spent way too much time hanging out w/liberal Rachel maddow upper/upper middler Episcopalian types who are constantly tilting ferociously at unseemly words (“i like her ostrich eggs.” both sexist and meat-est. could have used melons instead. and did she consent for me to notice her tomatoes? shouldn’t I have asked? I should have blushed to watch her pull off her sweater. on the metro.) and so they have jousted endlessly w/president poon pinch.

    until now. now the debate about trump can rise to the level of whether you prefer the werewolf Jacob or that sparkly Mormon vampire feller from Twilight. (Jacob, duh.) that trump is the incarnation of brand USA, that he’s the real Merka and that that constitutional law perfesser crap is the fake, the con job, more than the pia mater of their withered brains can handle.

    we want a president that’s just like us. now that he’s bombing shit, we can finally, finally relate. to “our” president. if we really would have trump nuke the N Korean presidential palace, show him some pix of neglected Jindo pups from a Pyongyang puppy mill.

    never has there been such a mix of bloodlust & sentimentality. “children shouldn’t have to go thru that. bomb something!”

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