McDowell County

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What do we mean when we say that Bernie would
have won? We mean that when the news laments
the politicization of capital collecting rents
on common properties and public goods,
while clutching pearls over punching guys in hoods,
though simultaneously dragging our senescent
fast-food addicted moron president
for some absurd point of decorum he’s stood
on its stupid head, what remains in West
Virginia are towns where everyone is dying
from the planned catastrophe of economic
disinvestment: franchised, but dispossessed,
they know it’s politics; he isn’t lying;
un-ratfucked, he would’ve beat the insult comic.

2 thoughts on “McDowell County

  1. lots of dying heroin addicts in Kabul, too. I wonder if there’s a connection. no doubt they both could use armies of well-trained addiction counselors & mental health workers. and school vouchers.

    “I smoke b/c i’m hoping for an early death. I need to live for something.” the alternative to addiction on offer for most people in our society is not worth it. if I have to do something robotically, organize my psychic life to function like a smooth-running piston, well fuck it. i’m cooking up. where’s the Drano? got some shit to make in the tub.

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