Thrown on the Sure

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The past as precedent is overrated.
Even its angel gazing back across
the racked, wrecked pile of death and loss
can never turn to see what it’s created
now. The present is the wreck, abated
briefly; the past, a stone, but we are moss
fuzzing the surface, a broken pebble tossed
into a sea. A story often related
about the same sea is that a king
stood at its edge and ordered the tide to cease.
We’re told the moral has to do with pride.
In fact, Canute was warning: worshipping
a man’s short power and swiftly expiring lease
blasphemed. The waves went on. He ruled and died.

2 thoughts on “Thrown on the Sure

  1. more dionysiac pessimism & less of this oriental buddhist crap!

    stopping, doing nothing, is the hardest goddam thing in the world. we are a bunch of self-important little shits, aren’t we? self-important & busy. when does all this tower of babel building get to be too much? we are going go to down under noah’s flood once again sooner or later. and, in part, it’s clearly b/c we fetishize *being busy.* (yes, there’s lots of capitalist horseshit wrapped up in that.)

    fuck that. the dude most certainly was a lazy man. i’m spending the apocalypse in the hammock. finally, we’ll get some peace & quiet around here!

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