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We bundled the children into the car and went
into Manhattan; the attendant at
the Icon garage wore a knitted hat
and smelled like grass; he had some kind of accent.
O, City of Finance, thin-crust slice, cement!
We expected young men dressed like cats,
beautiful, manly, in their junkyard habitats,
instead our babies saw some gender-bent
weirdos, two young women, clearly not
identified as male, one in a near
I-Dream-of-Jeannie outfit, enter the gents!
My boy began to cry. “Daddy, I’ve got
to pee!” Think fast, John! “Peeing’s queer!”
I cried, the modern father’s last lament.

4 thoughts on “Urinetown

  1. cats is so gay. they had one unisex (stalls & wall urinals) bathroom operating on the national mall at the fucking washington monument at the cherry blossom festival. not a goddam soul complained. how hard is it to just frickin ignore the person next to you? but Kaitlyn ne(e?) Bruce might steal a peak at john podhoretz’s peen! hope he chokes himself w/all the pearl-clutching he does. counterfeit to be a man, john!

  2. “This never happens at a rock concert when the line to the women’s bathroom stretches down the street,” said no one ever.

  3. I think the point that many are missing here is that this liberalized lavatory license ™ is going to make sex in toilet weird.

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