Baron Scalia

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Tony always believed in a certain sort
of intercessory prayer; ironically
each sainted martyr was a pharisee;
the letter was the spirit, he’d retort,
to the grace-besotted pleaders at his court;
was it wit? he was as chronically
mean as a country-club drunk, comically
self-indulgent as he’d wink and snort
that José, the barman, was a fag; he doesn’t
mean to be mean, his foursome buddies say;
that’s just Tony! He’d give you the shirt off his back,
well, anyway, he helped my kid out; he wasn’t
a ballbreaker; he made the problem go away;
good to his friends until his heart attack.

3 thoughts on “Baron Scalia

  1. your alma mater oberlin is in the newz. seems the school prezzie doesn’t cotton to what one of the slave wing of the faculty has to say on her FB page about Ft. Zion, the CIA and the rise of almighty ISIS.

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