Ronald Raven Signs a Piece of Legislation

Media, Poetry, Religion, Things that Actually Happen, War and Politics

Never more than a few wing’s beats
away; the poor pigeons warble that
they’ve lost the parking lot where they grew fat
to the loud and faster Corvidae who bleat
an almost-human language; the raven defeats
the mere flocked and fearful flights of cat-
harassed and bread-fed winged rats
of the city by being them but more: he eats
what they eat; lives where they live; but he
collects in his nests a bright collection, this
strange habit of display, half warning
and half fetish. De-natured doves, we,
really, are the pigeons; how we miss
the lost evening cliffs. But the raven is morning.

4 thoughts on “Ronald Raven Signs a Piece of Legislation

  1. sorry, a tad ‘off topic’ …and only asking because you like the descrambling of letters … can you descramble (pretty please?):

    Subic Bay poverty ridden underage, so many times mere child, ‘philippinas’ [and who was the Spaniard/Portuguesian (?) Philip, referred to?] and the US Military’s decades [nearing half a century, or more ] gift of Gonorrhea for that “vocation” of prostitute

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