A Love Poem Awkwardly Inspired By a Stupid Video Feature at Slate.Com

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Do the rights and freedoms we currently enjoy mean that now is the best time in history to be gay?

When was the best time ever to be gay?
It was when we met. Before that we
were accidents of sex taxonomy;
now we’re texts and winks throughout the day.
Were we to travel back through history,
find ourselves in Death in Venice’s day,
or lounging like ancient Greeks carved in clay
as charms against queer specificity,
I’d still measure the good from when I first
swiveled a barstool so our knees would touch
and laughed too loud and hard and talked too much
and covered my nerves with beer and was the worst.
You still came home with me, and stayed, and here
we are regardless of the marked and measured year.

9 thoughts on “A Love Poem Awkwardly Inspired By a Stupid Video Feature at Slate.Com

  1. the promise of love …. rains, and bathes eternally …… thank you for the respite …and , jeesh homie, I have to go check the markings on what looks to be the same urn (I keep wash clothes in mine) .. and, again, I’m so tickled to know Bright Eye’s had a tenth life …let aoned tickled to see a similiar urn.

    May the two of you stay in love forever and pass this life at the same moment.

    My Brother’s violin teacher, who was a memer of the Pittsburgh Symphony, was married to a pianist he had grown up with …they lived in Verona/Oakmont ….. very shortly after her physical body gave out …. and she became pure energy, with no visibly remaining physical body, …so did he …..


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