Thud. Ark. Enlightenment.

Culture, Economy, Poetry, Religion

It was reported that the companies
that built, then ruined, GoogleMaps and made
iTunes a hash and ruined blogs have stayed
mostly white and mostly dude—but please
it’s not for lack of trying! What this shows
is that our self-styled meritocracies
are skeins of self-indulged affinities,
where merit is a mirror reflecting bros.
Last weekend on the Carolina shore
we swam in the ocean; one of us worried about
spiders (spiders?); what I didn’t say
was the pale crabs we watched darting out
along the water line were also spiders
in a way; we are all judged, at the end of the day
by distant gods to whom we’re all outsiders.

4 thoughts on “Thud. Ark. Enlightenment.

  1. The power of one’s perception angle. Beautiful.

    I remember reading about the animal classification & relations stuff on crustaceans. It’s cool really. Like some things that would be nasty evolved to ironically become so delicious all you need is butter.

  2. Time to start the devolution,
    Mirror pro-bros flipping hoes to their toes,
    Bookshelves signal economy flat rows,
    Pity the people pressed like angels in the snow,
    Let your charity money flow,
    Don’t forget to remember how great it is to be a Delta Kappa Moe,
    Strange brogramming currencies to the fore.
    Whats your high score?
    Did you get the memo?
    Did you see that shit?
    All stuffy intentions and repressed aggression flowing like wine out of every 5 to 9 cubicle commissary.
    Whats a guy gotta do in this shit-hole to get a blowjob?
    Why does that nut keep staring at me?
    Every one in cell block Duracell instagramming one or the other all day long in between spreading sheets for the boss.
    Then its take the Suburban back to the dock and kick back with the pills, booze or high dollar gloss.
    Yo, we got low bros in high bro disguises,
    Holy shit!, you think when you pay attention to some of these Bro-brah assholes turning things to shit in the corporate basement.

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