We Didn’t Start, We’re Fired

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Blame millennials for the missing bar of soap.
But blame their parents for the rest of it:
the postwar settlement they turned to shit;
the rising seas; the flattening and declining slope
of income growth; the OD rate for dope;
George Bush invading Baghdad in a snit;
“prestige” TV; Armstrong’s hematocrit;
Fox News, CNN, the man from Hope.
Even the awful form of this complaint
is accidentally due to Billy Joel,
another boomer bastard: they’ve destroyed
the world in increments, but now they faint
at the minor foibles of the kids today, a whole
generation dad left unemployed.

3 thoughts on “We Didn’t Start, We’re Fired

  1. fucking awesome. i was jabbering w/some middle class do-goodnik a few ago & informed her that 50% of college grads are moving back in w/mom & dad, 1/3 of student loans are in default, nobody expects to own a house in future, etc., etc. crickets chirp, even as a recent law school grad daughter of a mutual friend cannot find a job in her field in Washington fucking DC & is moving back in w/mom. (do these people think kids *want* to move back in w/their parents?) There are no historical contexts, causality, or social forces. it’s all personal virtue & maybe some luck. & these middlers deeply resent any suggestion otherwise. “these kids need to be more like me!” is the answer. Pluck & grit & sand got them where they are. “I see an indian immigrant pushing 3 hot dog carts around San Diego 72 hrs a day so he can put his two kids thru Stanford. It can be done, but [white] Americans are lazy!” esp. when they themselves are seething w/resentment at the nothing but accomplished consumerism and plodding, unknowing, conformist obeisance that is their lives. and “be more like me” is their answer? how did American middlers ever come to think they are the pinnacle of human moral development?

  2. Millennials today are in the same situation that boomers were in 1970. They hadn’t made any big mistakes yet, and they assumed they never would. Give it time.

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