Her Rude Conquerer

Art, Culture, Economy, Justice, Plus ça change motherfuckers, Poetry, War and Politics

Contra Horace, captive Greece was captive.
The empire smashed you good and made you slaves.
Instructing some patrician’s louche, attractive
son in meter while he misbehaves
and mocks your accent; father drinks and raves
that lazy immigrants won’t take an active
hand in their own assimilation, saves
for his servants a grudging, wholly retroactive
permission to be as you were made to be:
this is the rude conqueror’s capture:
only to be burdened by your surrender, ever
to pretend to regret that you’re no longer free,
amputation cast as hairline fracture,
always and inescapable as never.

2 thoughts on “Her Rude Conquerer

  1. Syriza should reconsecrate the shrines of the pagan Hellenes. The Germans, with their frumpy forest gods, will be no match for the theurgy of the Divine Iamblichus.

  2. Syriza oughtta align with Detroit, Illinois, and so on. My vote for US poet laureate goes to the artist formerly known as IOZ.

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