Though I Am Native Here

Culture, Justice, Plus ça change motherfuckers, Poetry, The Life of the Mind, War and Politics

The patriarchy’s not how many drunk
and virgin girl’s fratbro Don Juan has “kissed.”
An –ism’s not the plural of an –ist.
Of all our costly fallacies, we’ve sunk
the most bad debt into this junk,
a penny-stock conclusion. What we’ve missed?
Five fingers unconfigured aren’t a fist.
A white boy? Surely troubled. Black? A punk,
a hood-rat twisted by his absent dad
and too-loud mom. But no bad man decided
these pathologies, which render each
black victim criminal, white killer mad—
a thing repeated is a thing believed
even by disbelievers, in the observance, and the breach.

6 thoughts on “Though I Am Native Here

    1. First, check the tendentious and misleading gateposts, “black protesters” and “white looters”. The Ferguson and Baltimore Freedom Rioters and National Arson Network “protesters” did a good bit more looting and overall damage than any wilding white sports vandals.

      Second, the comparison is inapt before we even get to the gateposts. The whites are acting out because of race-neutral sports loyalties; the blacks are acting out in race solidarity, because they are black, “Double standard” is correct after all, but not for the reasons you posit.

    2. Exonerating Officer Wilson and putting paid for all but diehard mouthbreathers to lying rabblerouser Dorian Johnson’s toxic fable, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”? Yes, I saw the DOJ report. I also saw the subsequent face-saving concatenation of anecdotal and disparate-impact flimflam to rationalize Eric Holder’s colossal waste of resources and shameful race-solidarity gladhanding. Next, the Freddie Gray case falls apart like a cheap suit, like the Trayvon Martin case did before the Gentle Giant’s. But it’s in American liberal DNA.

  1. Manufacturing plausible consent means that even if you don’t believe as the author poetically muses, that thing you say you don’t believe, you believe that others believe it. That, in its own way, ratifies the notion.

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