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He is not in a relationship with Anne Snyder.”

If not for her, then I could not have written
a book about man’s moral sentiments
with such precision or such elegance;
It was all her. I was merely smitten
with the fine turn of her prose; once bitten
by the sharp turn of her thoughts, evident
on my mind like a sting on skin, and delicate
and irresistible as a little kitten,
I—I’m not ashamed to say—became
a nobler man, a better author, bigger
than my critics, certainly humbler in my own life.
Can a muse be another half of the same
person? She is the sole source of the vigor
of my prose. I also thank my wife.

8 thoughts on “Acknowledgments

  1. Is your new Blogarach image David Brooks with one of those old Safari hats on, or is that supposed to be the planet Saturn, hovering over William Pitt’s Burgh [Berg?]?

    (some shading might help, do you know anyone good with a pen or a pencil, in terms of visual illustrations (who isn’t a homeless (or nearing it), and near sans pens and pencils, illustrationist?))


    1. we all get together, …. any type of weather, ….

      then we do, …. the camel walk ……………

      james brown


  2. a guy’s getting older and some new young stuff appeals to him – it happens all the time

    and with regard to autobiographical remarks about their intellectual lives by best-selling authors, yogi berra put it well – “you can observe a lot just by watching”

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