Intimations of Immorality

Media, Plus ça change motherfuckers, Poetry, War and Politics

“Time is terribly short, but a strike can still succeed.” -John R. Bolton

Tucked in the Times, admonishments to war.
A general misquoted Clausewitz and
departed for a speaking gig at RAND.
A football game was paused mid-broadcast for
a tribute to Our Heroes; we adore
parading halftime troops for the drunken fans,
assume the boozehounds neither care nor understand
those boys are fighting mostly to assure
some psychotic man-shaped worm another
paid-for shouting match on CNN;
every bomb thus has the odd distinction
of killing and enriching one more mother
fucker with a moustache and a pen.
Sometimes I think the only hope’s extinction.

7 thoughts on “Intimations of Immorality

  1. “Sometimes I think the only hope’s extinction.”
    Sometimes I think the train’s already left the station.

  2. do not give up, how could love, whatever that may be, with the capability of healing so many wounds, not exist when you actually have been relying on it your entire life and that love has sustained you to this day …..

      1. and, my now first and second to last six (the 3rd and 5th still in WEB moderation): my very latest? (one must always have ‘prior’ techno credz to be ‘read,’ mustn’t they? ;0( …), which I will wholeheartedly admit were filled with rage, actually were allowed past MODERATION, and can be read, beginning here, at least within the next few minutes, post 03/28/15 8:26 PM EDT NYC time.

      2. Yes, in fact I do know what th local date where I live is, for those unaware that jacob tends to use an Atlantic Ocean or, European or more “Easterly ‘time zone’ (yet not too Easterly, as then it will merge with the US Westerly) “time stamp” as to when comments were ‘made,’ on this ‘site,’ it was not a ‘drunken typo’, when I posted my last comment (on 03/28/15 at 5:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time in the US) noting:

        … at least within the next few minutes, post 03/28/15 8:26 PM EDT NYC time.

        it is even still considered 03/28/15, across the “US”, as I post this comment at 07:03 PM “Pacific Daylight Time,” from where I reside in the “US.”

        such an outrageous ‘pity’ that I should even feel so ‘obliged’ to defend myself against future retrospects and misconceptions as to whether I knew what day it was in the grand $cheme of unearned rent$ DUE, on specific dates.

        it is the little things in life – which change for no valid reason whatsoever – which signify oncoming horrors around the bend.

        (Not blaming you for muddling the time zones jacob, though you should cognize that it can tend to make your responders appear to not know what time, or date, it is, when many of us, certainly including you, are actually viscerally aware of how enormous ‘gain’s can be made by monsters who masterfully portray others as appearing to not know what time, or even date, it is.)

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