The Responsibility to Protect

Culture, Poetry, War and Politics

I am a poem, he says; he sets out to
destroy a country merely made of prose,
the words all justified in even rows,
inelegant and literally true,
doing merely what they’re meant to do,
dictionarily-defined. He blows
them up. Later, a guest on the cable shows,
he’ll note the syntaxless fragments scattered through
the once-ordered pages that he edited;
Incomprehensible, he’ll say, They are
incompatible with order and
responsible for their too-common dead
metaphors; but a redline here and there
is all they need: a pinch; a guiding hand.

10 thoughts on “The Responsibility to Protect

  1. Did you seed that delphinium, Jacob? Try some album foxglove seeds (for the wonderful translucent, light green freckles in their throats, let alone the brightening up of the semi shade, this coming fall). The seeds are teeny, teeny, teeny, so it helps to somewhat even and break up the soil, I used an old brick to press them into the ground, as the packet I bought (quite some time ago) noted that they need light (do not bury the seed).

      1. re that pulseless Mother Fucker, Dick Cheney, I’ve long wondered, when in buzzed state of mind, if that as yet unexplained structure (I’ve forgotten whether its five, six, or larger sided) looking image on Saturn’s pole isn’t his ancestral home base …. as Dick, clearly has no fondness for planets which sustain life.

      2. listening to Roy Buchanon …….

        Saw him at Pitt’s berg’s Syria Mosque concert hall, in the early seventies ….

  2. sippin on some His Royal Majesty Rex Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Cabernet Sauvignon …..

    say hey! … supposed to kill those tumors …and it’s only $3.99, as opposed to unaffordable grapes at $4 a pound .(that’s a lot of fuckin grapes to digest at one ‘sitting,’ not to mention the after effect) .. (now that it’s known that red grapes have cancer fighting qualities) … besides! …as we all know by now, when a – larger than life itself – DICK/COCK/COCKESSA pronounces something, …… yeah well, …. it must be troo. ….

    :0) ………:0( ………….<;0)

    1. (loved that the Ellwood (sp?) PA, ex sailor grunt ripped out the tazor barbs and ultimately took the car keys from fellow criminals – fellow, and now thoroughly MILITARIZED, criminals too lame to at least admit they are also criminals (sadistic at that) under the auspices of The Law [For the Handful] – even if he was a petty ‘criminal,’…not that this country’s puppeteers do not willfully and profitablly create “lowlife petty criminals” out of those who were not born such ….at all.)

      1. Dare I listen to NIna Simone? ….who ‘passed’ directly after that slaughter and free for all [some … teeny mosquito’$ tweeter handful] began: pouring down DEATH upon those who inhabited Iraq ..who were not able to escape that death raining down?

      2. (yup, I will always fault Dick Cheney, et al, for Nina Simone’s, far too early, earthly demise…yet another white gloved …dna evidence destroyed …… COLD BLOODED MURDER)

      3. (along with Roy Buchanon (VA/Virginnie Jail Guard Assistance?) … et als’, way ….waaaaaay too early ….. earthly demise.)

  3. Love that pic of you, your doggie and kittie, at least temporarily feeling a respite from misery ….it reminded me of a game my brothers and I played in the early sixties where when we reached the safety of the most comforting, though funky looking, chair in the living room we would sing a boast to the sibling who was playing the evil mother fucker, to whom that chair acted as a silver bullet and garlic to a vampire: ♫ Ahm sunnin mahself! ♫

    (yes, welll ….. about that accent (accumulated from parents, … and, life in PA, WA, IL, then PA, once again ……I was truly pissed when some ‘asshole,’ runnin a coin toss living on the joisy board walk, asked me if I was from the the SOUTH ….. little did I know at the time how very complex …, yet simple! ……. life was

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