A Spate of Unions

Poetry, War and Politics

That which wasn’t is becoming by
best estimations something we’ll achieve
within what I’m assured’s a reasonable time—
as soon as now, if I can be believed.
The past is past. The future is to come.
Mistakes, if they were made, and let me say,
I can conceive that they were made by some
impatient staffer, unpaid junior aide,
although of course I can’t with certainty
identify what they might be, because,
let me be clear, they were not made by me,
will nonetheless . . . where was I? Let me pause.
To those who’d make us choose between what may
and might never be done, I say, I say.

6 thoughts on “A Spate of Unions

  1. A Rebuttal

    Tonight we honor America.
    The most important moments aren’t here.
    They’re in your homes.
    Kissing your kids goodnight
    Those you love serving in Afghanistan.
    That’s the genius of America.
    We want you to have a better life.
    You… free markets.
    People make their own decisions,
    Not a government that decides for you.
    Working families,
    Getting up before dawn with my brother to pick apples.
    A job gives us purpose, dignity, and the foundation to build a future.

    Our mission as Americans:
    income inequality,
    the real gap,
    this Administration’s policies,
    our neighbors,
    working part-time,
    life’s savings,
    more spending, government bailouts, and red tape…

    Expand our economy,
    One job at a time.
    We have plans.
    Skills training is modernized.
    Immigration. Securing our borders.
    More of your pay.
    A doctor who will treat you.
    We believe in a government that trusts people.
    We rebuilt the American Dream.
    We built a working middle class.

    We will give thanks to the brave men
    and women, like Sgt. Jacob Hess from Spokane,
    Who recently
    Gave his life.
    A prayer for Sgt. Hess’s family,
    Your family,
    Our larger American family.
    God bless the United States of America.

  2. Oh goodness how can anyone stand to listen and or watch the politicians anymore? I guess they make decisions and do things that have an effect on our lives therefore …. ugh it’s just mind numbingly bad though. I’ve read some reactions and synopses and that was more than enough. The only ones I enjoyed were the humorous one like yours and the above. At least they engaged one’s mind a little. I also saw, thankfully without sound, some snippets from it and the follow up news coverage while on the treadmill at the gym. Who in the world are these people? They look so weird and un-human. Where are they spawned? Why do we pay them any credence whatsoever? It is beyond me.

  3. With all this prose flying back and forth from the wise (no simpletons here, eh?), how can I resist dropping in this chestnut from Carlyle?

    “What is Democracy; this huge inevitable Product of the Destinies? … Certainly it is a drama full of action, event fast following event; in which curiosity finds endless scope, and there are interests at stake, enough to rivet the attention of all men, simple and wise. Whereat the idle multitude lift up their voices, gratulating, celebrating sky-high; in rhyme and prose announcement, more than plentiful, that now the New Era, and long-expected Year One of Perfect Human Felicity has come.”

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