The Meaning of the Word, Reform, in the Political Discourse of a An Early Post-Late-Capital Society

Economy, Poetry

It is, I think, the unborn sense that through
some demiurgic Will-to-Being all
our right intents can just meet up and do
an imitation of a shopping mall.
Is it convenient? Does it have enough
free parking for giant cars we bought to fill
with self-entitled kids and useless stuff
that we forget until the VISA bill
arrives? Well, we don’t mind; at least we get
the miles, our purchase transubstantiated—
unaffordable? Yes. And yet
we think it might be renegotiated,
our debts forgiven, household assets free
by act of god or luck at lottery.

6 thoughts on “The Meaning of the Word, Reform, in the Political Discourse of a An Early Post-Late-Capital Society

  1. You might enoy postring some of your sonnets here:

    on the particular NeoFormalist “metrical” board that’s called “The Deep End”.

    I’m sure you’ll be amused at the natives’ attempts to critique your stuff.

    The rules are simple:

    1) you have to register with an email that’s not a “freebie” like gmail etc.
    2) you have to crit 15 submissions by other posters before you do your first submission of your own stuff.

    After that, the rules are simple. Don’t feed or annoy the animals, or the moderators will surely ban you.

    BTW, I think you means “post-latte”, not “post-late”, in the tilte of your post here.

  2. At the end of the day, we will, most definitely, have to place our trust on some in our own physical communities. There will be a quite abrupt and stunning cut off of the solace so many (in the NonProfit!/Academia, Middle Management, Unemployed but still not absolutely BROKE, Classes) grasp at in “online communities” while never mentioning those who have never, ever owned computers, yet creepily claiming to speak for them.

    A wave to you, High Arka, you appear to be condoning suicide before one’s time, in between so many lines that I totally agree with, which I think, feel, are absolute gems of understanding …the thing that niggles is your cruelty to those not precisely on your page, along with the fact that I do believe you have no uplifting presence among those not on the Net…. you, in fact, keep insinuating that we should all just embrace the Net.

    1. in other words, High Arka, if you believed so strongly that everyone should immediately put their physical being in danger for what they believed, you would not be blogging now, unless you were just a software program, according to so many of your Google blog spot ‘posts.’

  3. twit ‘er,flut in io zjacobb’s .. , i am moving .. to lhasa now ,so that may tango like no other by summer’s sprung..on my bic ycling .. , wav

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