Cura te lorem ipsum


Hillary Clinton wasn’t adept at using
a desktop for email, inquiry is told”—
she traveled too much; was busy; she’s very old.
It’s not so much the law that she’s abusing;
it’s our credulity. Look, choosing
to act the royalist is undersold
as a public good—at least it puts in bold
letters the truth America’s refusing
to admit: law, the rules, and decency
are for the little people. There is no aisle
dividing left from right; there is a gulf
between court-hassled masses and the truly free
princes of the world, a void of a million miles,
a dying echo: emailer, email thyself.

One thought on “Cura te lorem ipsum

  1. Nominated for our new Roi, as being preferable to Hillary and Trump: Charles the Second of England as impersonated by a formidably bewigged, mustachioed Sam Neill, like in that movie Restoration from the ‘nineties. I feel like the realm could rest easy if he were the sovreign.

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